Top 3 Places to Advertise Your Business Online

Although print advertising, direct mail, TV and radio still have some relevance for some industries, for many, it's a giant waste of time and money. Consumer attention span is getting shorter, coupled with an ever increasing amount of advertising; you can see why people go about their day with blinders on.

One area of marketing that is growing though is online advertising. According to a study by Zenith Optimedia, the current global display advertising market is predicted to reach $25.27 billion this year(2012), with a 36% growth to $34.4 billion in 2013.

A New Way to Design Cool Website

As the internet continues to grow and evolve, today's website designs has also bloomed from just a simple text with pictures and background images attached, to something more interactive and engaging, like having animations, videos, etc.

Thailand shopping secrets and top advises

Thailand offers its tourists, travellers and citizens with a wide variety of shopping places ranging from classy luxurious malls to cheap budget friendly open markets. Each of these shopping places has great offers for their products.